Monday, May 10, 2010

So tired...

Oh my goodness, these guys are exhausting me. Fortunately, they exhaust themselves, too!

My college Japanese teacher (whom I still hang out with sometimes /dork) came over this weekend to visit the kittens and was cooing over them in Japanese, which was the highlight of my week:

Uwa, chiisai neko da na~

For the kittens' part, they really took to her, and congregated exclusively on her lap for the afternoon.

I always knew she was a warm person. (Ha!)

Later that same day, even more friends came over to play with the kittens, so they're getting lots of socialization. Hopefully will turn them into sweet little lap cats over the next few weeks.

Sweet sleepy babies. I'm going to get them vaccinated this week--next week, it'll be time for their first outing as pre-adoptables! So exciting.

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