Monday, September 20, 2010

Meet the Science Cats!

Hello, blog followers! Since last we left our heroine, she was harboring three adorable adoptables: Loki, Odin, and Peapod. Since then, all three of those cuties have been successfully adopted into love-love-loving homes! I then took in a pair of almost-ferals, Manchac and Maurepas:

They rehabbed into absolute sweethearts--both of them are total lap cats now. Manchac was actually adopted this weekend (Maurepas, a.k.a. Maura, is still available!), which, since I like to keep my foster-kitten count at about three, meant I had room for two more kittens in my home.

So, of course, I got four.

Meet the Science Cats!

So-called because my roommate and I were nerds and named them all after famous scientists: Tesla (the orange tabby male) after Nikola Tesla, Heloise (female torti) after the 14th century french scholar and nun, Merit (brown tabby female) after ancient Egyptian physician Merit-Ptah, and Curie (colorpoint female) for chemist Marie Curie.

Of course, none of these kittens have learned Latin or discovered a new element yet, but they're only two weeks old. Give them time!

And of course, since they're still so young and small, we're keeping them under close watch for signs of ickies like panleukopenia, which has been rampant in the feral community this year--we've lost several kittens to the disease at Project Purr this year, but so far my house has remained uninfected. Knock on wood that that remains the case and these little babies stay healthy!

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  1. Tesla and Merit are mine :) I can't wait to bring them home!